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"The concept of ‘authentic' Southern food has become blurred,” says Chef Nicolas Peek of Birchwood Hall Southern Kitchen in Waynesville, North Carolina. He is aiming to correct those misconceptions.

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About us

Elevated Southern cooking & cocktails presented in rustic surroundings in a grand former residence.

When Birchwood Hall Southern Kitchen opened in April of 2017 in downtown Waynesville, Executive Chef Nicolas Peek already had a clear vision for his farm-to-table restaurant: To bring a collaboration between the chef and the farmer and create a menu that celebrated the best of Appalachian and Southern cuisine, utilizing the highest quality possible local and regional ingredients. Now, in 2018, having recently passed their first major milestone of being open for a full first year, Birchwood Hall—the name is an homage to a historic Civil War-era home that had also been on Waynesville’s Main Street—is steadily amassing a regional reputation for both its true (as in “non-stereotypical”) Southern authenticity and its consistent support for local farmers and food suppliers.

On that first point, explains Peek, “The greatest hurdle that we have overcome is the thought of Southern cuisine in our area. We knew that we would be battling the preconceived pretentiousness of our chef-driven concept, but we faced more adversity in the way that the population was under the impression that Southern foods are those greasy, diner, deep fried dishes that we all enjoy from time to time. The idea of ‘authentic’ Southern food has become muddled.”

Why Choose Birchwood Hall?

Unique dining experience in Waynesville, NC

We offer a modest selection of handcrafted creations made from the finest ingredients. Birchwood Hall passionately showcases a farm-to-table approach that is deeply rooted in Southern tradition. Each dish pays homage to the comforting and rustic flavors of Southern cuisine, infused with an eclectic and modern twist. We are honored that you have chosen our table and we look forward to serving your meal with the utmost pride and care.

Birchwood Hall Southern Kitchen established in 2017 and Offers a unique dining Experience

About the Chef

Nicolas Peek

Growing up in Fairview around farms, Chef Peek developed a passion for keeping it simple and fresh, showcasing heirloom recipes with ingredients crafted and prepared in house. Chef Peek is passionately working towards keeping the simplicity and pride of great Southern food, and telling the farmer’s story. As chef and owner of Birchwood Hall, Chef Nicolas Peek is proud to bring traditional Southern cuisine to Waynesville, NC.

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